From my first dealings with Optiquestvitality, I felt supported, and I was thoroughly advised at every stage in the process of recovering a good percentage of lost funds. I felt able to trust them, and was not disappointed with the outcome of a difficult case. I always received a swift, supportive and honest response to any of my queries during the process. These people understand how to approach a situation and the right pace to move things forward. I would not hesitate to recommend their services. Be reassured that help is available in what can be a very distressing situation. Thank you so much.


Many thanks to the team at Optiquestvitality. They recovered some of the funds I had been scammed out of. They have been honest and upfront about the amount they could recover. My advice would be to anyone considering their service… JUST DO IT! After the banks rejecting my claims many times, their professionalism and persistence ( it’s taken 18 months) has and is still paying off. Quite simply put, without them I would have zero . But thanks to the team they have recovered a substantial amount ,softening the devastating blow from the F*****s who scammed me . I cannot recommend Optiquestvitality highly enough.


I was pressured into making deposits into a CFD Trading account and lost quite a lot of money. Optiquestvitality helped me recover some of the money lost. Josh and his team were brilliant and were always at hand to answer any questions. Thanks you 🙂


I, like many others, fell for the “become a millionaire in a month” scams. I felt devastated when I realized I would probably never see my money again. Thanks to you I got every cent back, as well as getting back at the scamming company!


I met a boyfriend online. We chatted for several months, and after a while decided to meet. The guy had already sent his things, but after a while, they called me from customs and said to pay immediately in order to release them for delivery. I paid, and only after that did I realize I had been deceived. With the help of Optiquestvitality, I got my money back.


I am a naïve person. I believe that there are many good people. However, I recently encountered a scam. I didn’t expect online scams on the internet to be that widespread. I lost my savings and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, my friends advised me to contact Optiquestvitality, which was great advice. Today the company is successfully returning my funds.